Bespoke Project Services

Our team of professional lighting designers can provide a bespoke lighting design for your residential, landscape, commercial and industrial projects. We will provide a full report including accurate information about the products such as Lumens, Polar LDC, CCT or CRI. Our report will also include a 3D view, lux levels and product position.

*Terms and Conditions applied




*The documents included in this lighting design report are based on relevant technical data, and our aim is to provide you accurate representation, but we cannot accept liability or responsibility, so far as legally possible, for any damages, including but not limited to indirect or consequential damages, loss of opportunity or profit. Please note that
for any lighting design carried out, we will assume the following:
1: The area will be lit in accordance with the relevant CIBSE code, using a luminaire arrangement that considers both the purpose and any commercial considerations.
2: The room reflectance shall be assumed to be in accordance with CIBSE guidelines.
3: The illuminance levels shall be in accordance with CIBSE guidelines.
4: The ambient temperature range is assumed to be 25°C nominals.
5: The site voltage is assumed to be 240v nominal. Frequency 50Hz.
6: Unless specified to the contrary in writing we shall use the latest technology to achieve your desired results.
7: Overall and ongoing maintenance level of the project and installation is good, and the illuminated area is clean.
If you have any other considerations or deviations from the above we must be notified in writing before the commencement of the scheme. Errors and omissions excepted.
*Notes on planning: The energy consumption quantities do not take into account light scenes and their dimming levels.

For further information regarding our products specification, please refer to our products page.
Alternatively please contact our technical support team. 


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