CCT Technology

LED technology can accommodate multiple colour temperatures, from the warmest to the coolest tones of white.

CCT refers to the correlated colour temperature. This is not to be confused with heat temperature. For example; orange is visually perceived as a warm colour whereas blue is associated with cool colour. CCT controls the perceived level of colour warmth in the white light temperature from warmwhite to white.

The colour temperature is derived from the Kelvin temperature scale. CCT uses the Kelvin temperature measurement scale which indicates the colour temperature of white light in its appearance as warm or cool. The lower the kelvin rating, the warmer the colour and the higher the rating the cooler the colour.

Colour temperature in kelvin degrees

The three main colour temperatures that are incorporated into Gap Lighting products are:

icon-colour-warm-white – warmwhite tone which has a warmer, golden glow ideal for ambient lighting.

icon-colour-white-4000 – coolwhite tone which is brighter than warmwhite but softer than white.

icon-colour-white – white tone which is an intense, icy, daylight white suitable for areas requiring strong, bright illumination.

How does colour temperature affect the appearance of a room

The colour temperature is normally selected by the architect or lighting designer to enhance the colours, materials or finishes in the given space, or to suit the colour temperatures of other nearby lighting treatments