Model W24-RGBW Category


New RGBW wallwasher incorporating high powered CREE technology and WiFi control. Separate light source for RGB enabling pure colour temperature with multi colour changing options.


RGBW colour changing LED wallwasher
with dedicated white 6000k or warmwhite 3000k
2.4 GHz wireless technology
Smooth dimming control
Up to 30 meters remote range
Multi function RGB colour changing
Black die-cast aluminium housing
IP65 protection
Use independently or synchronise with other units
Suitable for domestic and commercial application
Ideal for projects requiring wall illumination

[icon-rgbww] [icon-rgbw]

[icon-ip65] [icon-dim][icon-twenty-four-v][icon-wifi] [icon-fifteen-deg] [icon-4-z] [icon-three] [icon-cree]

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