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Create different lighting experiences within the same space with new generation high powered flexible LED striplighting. RGB + CCT Smart technology with multi colour changing options and separate light source for pure white colour temperature control.


RGB + CCT dimmable LED striplight with flexible PCB
Smooth dimming control
5m reel or bespoke cutting service available
RGB colour changing options
Adjustable white colour temperature control
2700K – 6500K
High powered light output
Unlimited lengths | requires a booster
3M self-adhesive backing
IP20 protection | IP65 protection
Ideal for diverse colour control for both utility
and ambient lighting applications

[icon-white-2700] [icon-warm-white] [icon-white-4000] [icon-white] [icon-white-6500] [icon-rgb]

[icon-ip20] [icon-ip65] [icon-dim] [icon-twenty-four-v] [icon-one-hundred-and-twenty-deg] [anti-glare] [cut-100] [icon-4-z] [icon-three] [icon-epistar]

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