Corporate Responsibility Policy

” We promote equality and fair business practices “

GAP LIGHTING LTD is a family owned business established in 1999 and is a recognised leader in LED lighting solutions. Throughout our history, we have always had a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. We place value in our people and nurture their development while ensuring that all employees have equal opportunity for success.

We are committed to fair and ethical trading, and we ensure that all our factories maintain the highest possible standards of staff welfare and Health and Safety supporting the development of the communities in which we operate. As a company, we insist that all our suppliers operate in a fair and reasonable way and treat their staff with respect. We will not tolerate any abuse of employee rights and will take all necessary steps to ensure our factories and suppliers do not breach the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code concerning workers rights.

GAP LIGHTING LTD is also committed to protecting the environment and takes all necessary steps to minimize the impact on the environment of our manufacturing and the transportation of our products. All our products are energy saving and made from responsibly sourced materials. We have a policy of continual improvement of our products to ensure they are as energy efficient as possible to further reduce the emission of greenhouse gases produced from the generation of electricity. We keep packaging to a minimum level to protect the products whilst being transported and thereby reducing waste from damages.

GAP LIGHTING LTD supports Christian Aid promoting fair business practices and ethical international trade across the globe.

The Directors of GAP LIGHTING LTD and their management team are responsible for implementing measures to give effect to our Corporate Responsibility Policy and to this end commit to the following measures:

All suppliers and factories used by GAP LIGHTING LTD will be required to confirm compliance with the policy and will agree to abide by the terms of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, whether in the UK or overseas. All suppliers and factories will also be required to agree to the terms of the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code concerning workers rights and the Directors will monitor compliance during visits to the suppliers and factories.

All products will be energy-saving and continually improved to ensure the most efficient use of energy. All packaging will be designed to ensure a reduction in waste and will be fully recyclable where possible.

The Directors will not tolerate any attempt by any supplier or member of staff to distort free competition or infringe any applicable legal rules concerning competition law, including any form of corruption from either suppliers or customers and will ensure that members of staff refrain from attempting to unduly influence the decisions of  buyers or others employed by our customers.

The Directors will ensure that all staff and visitors to any GAP LIGHTING LTD location are aware of the Health and Safety policy operated by GAP LIGHTING LTD.

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